15 Alternative NYE Ideas that aren’t clubbing

If you are a 20 plus something like me then chances are you are getting sick of New Years. The typical over crowded bars, being up charged for drinks, paying extra for food, etc. New Years Eve has become so over hyped that I truly can say I am over doing anything HUGE for it. That is why I am presenting you with 15 different NYE Options other than the typical “clubbing”.

Do a NYE Dinner:


LOTS of places do a dinner special on New Years and a little party, however if you don’t want to pay an insane amount for dinner and drinks that would normally be a fraction of the price try looking at restaurants that DON’T do a New Years Eve event. It could be a great group event or a romantic date night. Before the ball drops you can do a nice dinner. You still get to get dressed up and have some cocktails but you can leave before the place gets crowded. When you are done with dinner you can continue with some crafty cocktails back at home and watch the New Years, whatever drop. This saves you the money of buying drinks all night and the pain of being out in public on New Years.

Check hotel sites and get a hotel room near by for cheap: 


My top favorite hotel booking site is www.booking.com but a quick google search can yield you a few great websites for booking a hotel room at a fraction of the cost. However, if you are willing to risk it for the cheapest rates check out Hotel Tonight . This app puts up hotels that are looking to fill up the last of their rooms and usually is the cheapest the night of the booking, Most popular hotels have SOMETHING going on in some part of their hotel for a portion of the night. However, personally I much prefer (and have done with my boyfriend) just getting a hotel room and having an intimate night together. You can also have some friends in the hotel room, which makes it cheaper, but be aware of throwing huge parties especially on New Years as hotels look out for that.

Go on a trip/cruise: 


Going  into 2013 I spent NYE on a cruise and it was one of the MOST FUN vacations of my life! I know that taking a trip or a cruise is a bit of a more pricey option but if you have the money saved up for a trip around the holidays I highly suggest one of these two options. Sure you may be surrounded by people (or stuck with them if you are on a boat) but you will be somewhere new and not just a normal club that you can go to on any day of the year. This surpasses the normal New Year experience and gives you a chance to travel and see places you have never seen before, which if you ask me is an AMAZING way to go into the New Year.

Check Groupon for alternative NYE events:


Groupon is great for seeing what events are going on for New Years and its also good if you are trying to get a discount on certain events. Eventbrite is another option but does not offer discounts usually. Going on Groupon means you can find a fun New Years event that can be different and cheap! Just by typing in New Years Chicago I get many results of bar events, hotel parties, light shows, concerts, etc. If you are unsure what to do for New Years or looking for some cheap options see what is going on with Groupon.

Host a NYE Party at your own place:


This is by far the most simple alternative. If you want to save money and only be around the people you care about then this is the answer! Buy some alcohol order some food and be among good company. Do I really need to explain any more?

NYE Concert:


A fun way to spend NYE would be listening to an awesome band, artist, cover-band, etc. Concerts are always a great time and ringing in the New Year while listening to music you enjoy and having a few drinks is a totally fun idea. Sure you probably will have to deal with crowds of people like you would at a bar but again this is a unique alternative.

Check out a hole in the wall bar:


In my opinion hole in the wall spots usually turn out to be the best spots. Do a quick google search of unique and less known places near you. Maybe they will be hosting a New Years event but if they fly pretty under the radar chances are its low-key. This could be perfect for someone who wants to go out on New Years but doesn’t want to do the fancy, clubbing, and typical NYE party.

Throw your own fancy party: 

download 11.35.20 PM.jpg

I know this is close to holding your own NYE party but this idea is a LITTLE different. If you want to act high-class but on a budget then this is the PERFECT way to do so. In place of a casual NYE party  you can throw your own fancy dinner/cocktail party. Let your guests know that is a black tie event and to dress up! Then google or pinterest  fancy cocktails and horderves and boom you’re in business.

Search alternative community events near you:


If you are looking for something family-oriented, free or cheap, etc then google the town and park district calendars for your town and towns near you. You can also just do a broad search of “Community New Years Events”. A lot of places like churches, rec centers, etc throw something a little earlier in the day for New Years. Again, if you cannot find anything in your town make sure you check towns near you!

Romantic night in with your loved one:


Now that I am 24 (25 in 2019) this by far sounds like the best option. Spending a night in drinking champagne and cocktails with Elliot while its just me and him sounds perfect. Now that I’ve talked about my boyfriend I will present this option. If you are in a relationship then spend New Years with that person that you love and stop worrying about making some big elaborate plans. You two are starting another year together as a couple and you can use the time to celebrate your relationship over the previous year and the new beginnings to come in the coming years.  I know this sounds sappy but its just an option!



A great idea if you don’t want to foot the whole bill of feeding an entire party is having a potluck. Have each of your friend bring a dish and then host a giant feast for all to enjoy. This way you don’t have to do a ton of cooking, foot the bill on catering, and you get to be just with the people you care about.

Spa night:


This is kind of an extension of the romantic night but it can also be between friends if thats what you wish. Have a night in to pamper yourself. Whatever you can get to have a make-shift at home spa day do it! Go into the new year pampering yourself to the point where you are relaxed and ready to take on the world.

Make creative cocktails:

Art Basel Drinks (High Res.)_0.jpg

I have mentioned this a few times now because well I love the idea of it. I think looking at ways to create a fun cocktail is awesome and there is no better time to try it out then New Years! Pinterest and google searches are probably the easiest and greatest way to find ideas. You can make champagne mixtures, martinis, sangria, fun shots etc there is literally no limit to what you can do. You can have a competition with your friends or you can do this with a small group or yourself (either way prepare for the hangover). If you are looking to be drinking this New Years but not going out this would be one of my suggestions mixed in with throwing your own party.

Find a local bar and event place (Gameworks,, TopGolf, Bowling, etc):


I think adult arcades, top golf, and all that fun stuff is totally a cool idea on any day of the year. However, I do think that this is also a great alternative to going “out out” for NYE. Usually places like this have NYE packages and again you can check places like Groupon to see if there are any discounts. The more you get in a group usually the cheaper it gets. So if you and your friends are trying to avoid the clubs/bars this new years and just casually grab some drinks and have some fun check this option out!

Celebrate the next day:


The final option is to not celebrate on New Years at all. Celebrate the first day of 2019! You can do it however you like, whether it be a fun brunch or even a party! Either way you can avoid the New Years crowd all together by just not celebrating on the actual day. If you think about it its really not that big of a deal and kind of a fun idea!

There you have it. My 15 alternative ways to celebrate New Years that aren’t clubbing. I hope you all have enjoyed 2018 and go into 2019 with an amazing start. If you choose to do any of these activities please let me know or you can tag me in them on Instagram at alisonschulthesz


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Surviving the holidays and staying in recovery (a short but effective blog)

Family celebration

This time last year it felt like everyone who knew what I was going through, including my own self, was worried about me. The holidays were a toss up there was going to be alcohol, tons of food, and my gym at the time was closed on holidays. Sure there were obviously steps I was going to take to stay in recovery but it was going to be a really testing time.

I am super proud to say that I made it through the holidays without incident, which was HUGE for me. I feel like making it through the holidays made recovery easier after that. Once I knew I was strong enough to make it through “holiday eating” I knew day to day living in recovery was achievable for me.

So since I spent my blog “Viewing food as the enemy” talking a little bit about the holidays as well as relationship with food, I won’t go into much more detail.  I will jump right into tips for staying in recovery (go ahead and read that blog if you have not already). 

Please note that most of these tips can be for anyone for staying on track and not completely giving up over the holidays.

MY tips and what I did to stay in recovery:

1) Stick to your diet plan 80-90 percent of the week. Give yourself a chance to ENJOY the food you are eating on the holidays. In your “diet” (diet is in quotes because its a lifestyle not a diet) you should be giving yourself at least a cheat meal a week to reset your body and mind.  If you don’t understand this concept think of it this way, when all you eat is what you perceive as healthy for you and NEVER allow yourself to eat the foods you enjoy what happens? You binge or you fall of track because you can’t hold out on your cravings any longer.

Use the holiday itself as your “treat/cheat meal”. Every other meal of the week stay on track, eat healthy, and make healthy choices. If you make healthy food choices every/most meals besides your holiday meal you are much more likely to not feel as guilty about eating something bad on the holidays. I know hearing eat every other meal healthy sounds a little daunting but keep in mind when I say healthy foods I mean actual well balanced, healthy, and nutritious foods. I don’t mean deprive yourself of carbs, deprive yourself of eating, I don’t mean deprive yourself at all! There are plenty of healthy options to eat that are delicious and a thousand different ways to cook them. Turkey bacon, protein pancakes, fruit, sweet potato, whole grain bread, etc. The list goes on and the way you can cook them is endless. You don’t have to deprive yourself or keep a narrow foods list like I did when I was “eating healthy”. Even during a normal time of year be expansive and explore healthy food recipes versus sticking to the same thing day in and day out. Nobody wants to eat for fuel they want to enjoy their food it makes them more likely to stay on track.

The point is eat healthy and take care of your body (exercise, be active, practice self-love) all week and allow yourself to be a little flexible on the holiday ITSELF (not every day surrounding the holiday).

2) Everything in moderation. Your family more than likely does thanksgiving/ christmas with all the food right there out on the table or buffet style. That sure does make it tempting to pile it all on your plate at once. The problem with that is now it is tempting to eat that ginormous sized portion of food on you plate.

Moderation is taking what you feel like you’ll eat at first. Just put a little bit on your plate and eat it THEN see how you feel. Are you full? Or are you still a little hungry? If you are full then let it be you don’t need to eat more at that moment! If you aren’t you can allow yourself a little bit more food! The key is listening to you body and how it ties into your emotions, for example if you are overly full you are more likely to be upset with yourself and do something stupid. However, if you eat,not in excess, but for enjoyment and don’t make yourself overly full you are more likely to be happier with yourself.

Think of it this way you have two options. One, watch everyone else you love enjoy a nice meal and completely deprive yourself of it, which most likely end in you binging the food because you don’t want to hold out anymore. Two, you can enjoy the food and the occasion with your family and have a great experience where you stayed in control and got to enjoy the food.

3) Don’t overdo or even do the alcohol. I won’t lie I drank thanksgiving and Christmas even though it was a huge trigger for me. I know stupid of me, however I stayed in touch with my body and listened to when I felt it was saying if you have another drink you’re going to disassociate with yourself (I still practice this to THIS day and I haven’t gotten sick solely from drinking to much in forever). That was a little reckless of me considering it was my first holidays in recovery but I am not perfect. Remember I was in recovery I didn’t have it all figured out (still don’t) there were BOUND to be bumps in the road. If you have issues with overeating when you are drinking then avoid the alcohol so that you can enjoy your food yet stay in control of how much you eat. My problem with when I drank to much is I started not caring and I ate EVERYTHING in site EVERYTHING. I was a lot more controlled by the time thanksgiving came around but I was beyond far from cured. It is a holiday but you ARE in recovery so you do need to take measures to control yourself even if it means cutting out a privilege like drinking (drinking is an privilege eating is not you must eat to survive)

If you DO NOT have an issue with alcohol and alcohol isn’t a trigger of yours STILL drink in moderation. Listen to your body and stay in control. I don’t care if drinking isn’t one of your triggers the majority of people lose control when they drink to much. The key to staying in recovery is BEING IN CONTROL. Once you lose control of your thoughts, feelings, and your sense of self it makes falling out of recovery easier. In order to stay in recovery we need to be aware of our bodies and our feelings. We need to listen to when our body is telling us we are getting full so we don’t eat anymore, we need to have the self control to eat smaller portions slowly so we don’t end up binging, we need to stay in touch with our emotions so we can control our actions. Drinking too much alcohol can take all of that away. I am not dumb I know  some of you may drink over the holidays but if you do tread carefully.

I strongly suggest you DON’T drink over the holidays I think your chances of staying in recovery are 10X better if you do not add alcohol into the mix. 

4) Tell someone. Tell someone who will be with you at thanksgiving/christmas about your issues. You are not burdening the ones you love, your situation is what it is, and I guarantee you that your loved ones would much rather you make it through the holiday without causing harm to yourself then living in ignorance to your situation. When my mom found out we were at an event and I am happy she knew because for the first time in forever I got to enjoy the wonderful event that took place. I knew she knew and I didn’t want to let her down so instead I enjoyed myself and didn’t do anything that would ruin her or my time. It may be hard for your loved ones to hear this, but like I said if they are truly your loved ones they care more about your health then you burdening them. The truth is, it is more of a burden to them if you actually act on impulses then having to maybe keep an extra eye out for you.

Having someone at your meal who knows what you’re going through gives you a sense of accountability. You can’t sneak off, you can’t not eat, etc. This may make you uncomfortable but if you are serious about staying in recovery I suggest doing it because things that make you uncomfortable are going to be what help you recover.

5) Stay in touch with your therapist/support system. Don’t fall off you therapy or treatment on the holidays. Fully throw yourself into it, this is the time you will be put to the test, and this is the time you should be utilizing your methods. I suggest finding a buddy, probably somebody ahead of you in recovery, and talk to them over the holidays. Don’t pair with someone that is unsure of their recovery and has negative feelings still associated with it. If that’s where YOU are at that is where you are at BUT in looking for a “mentor” you want to make sure it is somebody who can talk to you positively about the situation not pull you down.

You wouldn’t want someone who is going to encourage you to act on your disease, someone who is going to share dark thoughts with you, or someone who is at the same place in recovery as you. Can you support these people who aren’t doing well in recovery? Of course you can support them but you also want to make sure BOTH of you find a positive influencer who is going to encourage you to stay in recovery during the holidays. Maybe get a few people together and you guys can find someone who is doing well in recovery or is recovered. Never hesitate to reach out to people who are open about their recovery process over social media or in person. They are usually more than willing to help you and guide you in the right direction. I know I can’t cure anyone but when I talk to them I like to be an ear they can talk to and I like to guide them towards help and treatment. Find someone who will do that for you rather than support your negative actions and tell you its okay to do what you are doing. Like I said you can support others on their journey but the person you are reaching out to for actual help and accountability should have a positive outlook on recovery.

Most importantly, you must continue your professional treatment. Finding someone with experience in recovery is great but people like that, including myself, do not always have professional training in how to handle helping people with this disease. There are many situations that are beyond our abilities to handle and while it may be easier talking to us I highly suggest understanding that your therapist, treatment counselor, etc are all in your corner. Make the most of your time with them, listen to what they have to tell you, BE OPEN AND HONEST ABOUT EVERYTHING, and trust them as the key to your recover especially over the holidays.

6) Avoid weighing yourself, examining yourself, etc. After your meal just let yourself be. Give yourself time to digest and your body to get back to normal don’t step on a scale the following few days and avoid spending excess time in front of a mirror. Doing so is going to make you more likely to be upset and triggering for you. Just because we become bloated from a single meal does not mean our bodies are ruined forever so not looking at these changes after eating can help you avoid getting down on yourself.

Most importantly learn to enjoy yourself over these holidays. They are meant to be happy and joyous time with family. Don’t let the disease take your memories from you. You want to be able to look back and say you enjoyed your time with your loved ones, you enjoyed your holidays, and that you enjoyed life. You don’t want to look back and say the disease took moments of your life away from you.

General tips for anyone trying to stay on track during the holidays:

  1. Follow tips 1-3 for those in recovery
  2. If you are drinking alcohol drink things that contain lower calories. For example, a vodka tonic has a lot less calories than a vodka cranberry or a vodka with soda.
  3. Stay on track of your workouts, don’t fall off just because it is a holiday week. Getting the usual amount of workouts you get in normally helps it make it a normal week for you.
  4. Offer to cook dishes that you may want to eat as a healthier alternative for the holiday. If you have a problem with the dishes being served and need something for your diet or to stay on track then cook it! There is nothing wrong with bringing something that fits your needs to the table.
  5. Enjoy yourself. Life is about balance so don’t deprive yourself on the holidays your goals are still achievable if you give yourself a meal off. You don’t need to go absolutely crazy for three days straight but learn to enjoy yourself for the day.
  6. Trying to avoid going back for seconds hours later? Bring your own snacks to eat while everyone is going back for more. There are plenty of healthy snack options out there.

There are plenty of tips, recipes, resources, etc out there that give you the tools to stay on track during your holiday season. Never hesitate to reach out for help or support this holiday season. Remember its supposed to be a happy time so don’t let it be a bad experience for you.


Viewing Food as the Enemy



It is November and the holidays are coming up. A binge eating opportunity literally handed to you on a silver platter with people telling you its OKAY to do it because of the date. Know this, these people do not mean you any harm, they just do not know the struggles we face. It is also important to understand that we can’t judge others who want to do this on a special occasion such as the holidays. This is because they very well may have a positive relationship with food so doing so doesn’t have any negative consequences.  So I want to make two blogs pertaining to the holiday

1) A prerequisite, if you will, about relationship with food and healthy versus unhealthy habits

2) The second blog will  be keys to my success last year to a positive and health holiday season.

But first a little side note

The more people who reach out to me for eating disorders the more and more I begin to really think about the struggles, my struggles, their struggles, etc. For me, it all seems like a blur I told someone, that someone made it so I would have to get help,  and then I was getting help and working towards recovery. Before that (and this is a blog for another time) I mentally really hadn’t come to the realization that I did have an eating disorder. I had come up with all the excuses in the book as to why I wasn’t actually bulimic. Its not after every meal, I workout to lose weight, you name it I said it. I think is a pretty common thing but let me tell you none of them are excuses. I did have a problem. I think I may have intentionally blocked some things out of my memory so as not to get emotional about them or let them control my life. The more I connect with people though its almost like the more I remember details about all the struggles. It resurfaces but this isn’t a bad thing it is actually a beautiful thing. In order to be the full and best person for someone to share their stories with I need to not hold anything back emotionally . These memories don’t put me in a bad place because I am strong as hell now and I can face them, I am not even the least bit worried. So please keep reaching out so we can talk. Please note that I am not actually trained in this field and I want to help as many people as I can and support them on recovery but it is crucial to get professional help as well.

First off, some of us may not even understand that we have an unhealthy relationship with food so lets go over a few scenarios on healthy vs unhealthy

  • Healthy: No food (outside of dietary restrictions) is banned. Every food is fine to eat once in a while or in moderation.
  • Unhealthy: Banning yourself from EVER eating a food you want or like because of the calories in it, the nutritional value, or because it will make you skinny not to eat it or fat to eat it.
  • Healthy: Eating to the point you feel full
  • Unhealthy: Not being able to stop eating after you are full or eating to the point you are so full you hate yourself, all the time.
  • Healthy: Thinking about your next meal and what you are going to eat
  • Unhealthy: Being overwhelmed with the fact you need to eat all day and obsessing over what and the calories.
  • Healthy: Eating something that had no benefit to them and move on from it
  • Unhealthy: Obsessing over eating something bad and punishing yourself for it


What is society doing wrong to promote a negative relationship with food?

Let me start by saying this. We live in a society where we have to cater to the needs of a lot of different people getting offended easily. Some have very valid reasons and some do not. I am all for preparing people for reality but there IS a line and it can’t all just be deal with it and tough love. One of these instances where we need to be careful is within the messages we are sending and I am seeing TONS of “fitness models”, “models”, etc sending a not so good one. Again these people may not mean any harm but our brains are easily shaped and molded by those we look up to. If we are in a role where we are out in the public eye, which is becoming more common and easier with social media, than we need to pay close attention to what we say.

Here is one of my least favorite quotes in the whole entire world “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”. The person who said this was a popular model she was a girl that I am sure everyone pointed to in a magazine and said I want to be like HER. Therefore, they look up to her and listen closely to her. In turn you have tons of little girls thinking that their anorexia or bulimia is sexy and the cool thing to have. They end up extremely sick and families are destroyed because of it. As I mentioned earlier the wrong message is easier to send out these days with the uprise of social media. Just recently I saw a “fitness model” someone a TON of people look up to post an Instagram story of her doing some “Extra cardio to earn her food”. This is SO so so so so so so so so (x13423432) wrong. We NEED food to survive. Undereating shuts our bodily functions down, makes us sick, and causes us to gain weight in the long run. So saying you are going to the gym to earn your food implies that your options are go to the gym and earn it OR don’t eat. Neither of these are great options. To often the public eye of society promotes unhealthy habits with the click of a button or a simple sentence. The problem with society is we have people in the public eye who think their poor relationship with food is normal and are encouraging others to think it is okay as well.

If you are going to put yourself in the public eye than you have an obligation to do better for society. I don’t care what you think you do. You have to many people looking up to you wondering what you are doing and wanting to be just like you. If you tell them to do something and they get hurt, sick, or fail that is all on YOU. I am sorry for that little tough love moment but it needed to be said. So please think of what you are posting and how it can influence someone before you post it. To many people are looking for someone else to tell them what to think so lets shape the world to think the right things.

For those of you in recovery or skeptical of food find someone who is open with their struggles yet still sports a positive relationship on food!

How did my relationship with food get damaged? How is it now?: 

Growing up I LOVED food and to me food was something GOOD. I was skinny I could eat whatever I wanted but when that stopped I became a little more weary of it. It wasn’t until very recently that I got a complete understanding of nutrition and making the right choices.

Ironically enough I don’t think my relationship with food was severely damaged until after my first attempt at recovery and I will tell you why. When the eating disorder first got really bad in 2014-2015 I KNEW that what I was putting into my body was bad. My binge eating was stuffed pasta with alfredo sauce, Hershey’s bars, demolishing full bags of food, etc. I had enough nutrition knowledge to know that those things were not good for me I just had this idea that I would never have a good body so it didn’t matter what I ate. YES, binge eating, wanting to be skinny, ALL of that is definitely a negative relationship with food. What I am saying is it wasn’t AS bad until I picked the eating disorder back up.

When I decided to start losing weight the healthy way, through exercise and diet, my personal trainer gave me a foods list of things I could eat. Through NO fault of her own I became obsessed with the list. Essentially, I deemed it the only foods I could eat. The truth of the matter is that there were so many other food options available to me that I was leaving way to much room for me to feel guilty if I slipped up because it wasn’t a super expansive list of foods. In reality it was just a list meant to help me get started but I clung onto it. This list was SUPER easy to abide by during the summer I could easily access a grocery store, I had TONS of time, it was not a problem. However, when I got to college I had my downfall. I went to school in the middle of nowhere and the grocery store was across town, then we had a chef in my sorority house who didn’t cook TOO healthy, and then obviously sticking to that list of food became harder and harder.

This was bad for me mentally because I was CONSTANTLY going off of that list of food so in my brain I wasn’t constantly making unhealthy choices causing me to get angry with myself. At first I wasn’t insanely hard on myself, I wasn’t exactly happy but it was a minor slip in mindset, but I didn’t slip back into any old ways. Then a little bit of weight got put on and I started getting real hard on myself about the food I ate (yet still went out and binge ate and binge drank), and then finally I saw to many changes in my body for the worst combined with not being happy with my diet. So there I was a few months clean(ish) and then back to my eating disorder I went. I didn’t just take a step down I fell hard. I stopped caring I chose drinking over working out, I chose to go and binge eat every night after I drank, and I chose to tell myself I would fix it in the summer. Yes I fixed it that summer but then I went back to school and that vicious cycle repeated. It took me FOREVER to find the in between, to get rid of the guilt. I had deemed all food and any food the enemy and the eating disorder as the only way to lose weight. It didn’t just change overnight it took PRACTICE and seeing that what I was doing was working to really understand that food was okay.

I remember when I used to eat pizza during my negative relationship (a VERY rare occasion) I would take a wad of napkins and wipe all the grease off of it. Today me and food may not have perfected our relationship but I will tell you that we are doing so much better than we used to do. Now I can eat cupcakes, pizza, sushi, whatever I want in moderation. However, it all didn’t happen at once. First off, I was put on a meal plan and once I saw that eating a little more expansive amount of foods on that meal plan caused me to lose weight and body fat I began to understand that it isn’t about not eating food or depriving yourself of calories it is about making the right food choices. Once I was making good food choices and seeing results in the gym I felt like it was okay to treat myself to some unhealthy things in moderation. At first I felt really guilty but the more I treated myself to something unhealthy on occasion the more I noticed it wasn’t hindering my results. So for me it clicked that it wasn’t about depriving myself of all foods for weight loss it was about balancing nutrient dense food and foods that stop me from wanting to completely binge out.

In all honesty after vacation I failed once, it was a few days after we got back. I went out and drank and had something unhealthy and I made myself sick. I called my mom crying but I think it may have taken that failure for me to realize that I needed to stop drinking and focus on my health. This reduced the amount of instances I was binging and I was able to put myself in a clear mind space to focus on recovery. I am not perfect I had failures and ups and downs but here I am recovered.

I encourage you all to do the same. Make the hard choice, possibly sacrifice friends who don’t get it, sacrifice the things you love but is holding you back. You only have your health and once you lose that you have nothing.

What are some helpful tips to practice positive relationships with food?

By now you should know I write a lot about what worked for me. However, I have realized something. When I explain to people what they can do or give them advice I feel like I sound silly. I am telling the most simple things to them and I know putting it to action is actually what is harder.This is partially because I don’t have psychological training and I can only give help from an I’ve been there stand point. My goal is to be the person that supports someone in their journey to recovery to go encourage them to go and get help. I am here to tell you its okay to get help don’t be ashamed. I am here to provide as much guidance as I can. Here is one thing I want to make clear, these actions ARE simple and effective. What is hard is getting yourself to stick to them enough to make them habits. I cannot stress this enough do the action at all costs. I don’t care if it seems silly, I don’t care if you don’t see it pay off in the first few weeks, I don’t care if you do not feel like doing it DO IT. What happens is you begin to start doing them without having to think about it because they are becoming habits. Our habits define us so when we are forming positive habits we are changing our actions and our mindsets. So here are just a few suggestions.

I am mainly going to go over this in the next blog but I wanted to give a few tips to practice in the mean time

  1. Try putting smaller portions on your plate. If you put all the food on your plate at once you may be tempted to binge and eat it all even PAST when you are full causing you to be upset with yourself.
  2. Stick to meals that make you feel good about yourself MOST of the time. Give yourself 1-2 unhealthy meals a week instead of completely depriving yourself preventing a binge.
  3. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. If you are full stop there is a difference between full and being full to the point where you want to throw up. The best way to do this is to take mini breaks in between eating. Don’t go for 6 slices of pizza all at once. Have two and assess how you feel. THIS HAS BEEN SO HELPFUL FOR ME.

Practice these tips to get yourself started and next week I will give more tips on how I survived my first holidays without resorting to an eating disorder for the first time in years. You aren’t alone these holidays. Reach out to me or reach out to someone. We can talk about what you can do and we can hold one another accountable. You are never alone.