Facebook Support Community

This has to be one of my favorite accomplishments of all time. My Facebook community is called Team Workout & Wellness Warriors. I came up with this name because I didn’t want the group to just be centered around working out, I wanted it to be centered around peoples general health and well-being as well. . All together this name stands for a community for all, not only people who are struggling with getting on track with diet and workouts, but also those who are struggling with things like body image, weight-gain, anxiety, recovering from surgery, PTSD, etc (all examples I pulled from actual people who are in the group). It does not matter your age, gender, fitness level, etc you are more than welcome to join and be apart of a community of support

People can post whatever they feel they are struggling with, their thoughts, really anything they want to post. and they have tons of people commenting and encouraging them because its an open and judgement free zone.


Team Workout & Wellness Warriors