Choose to love yourself this Valentines Day: A collaboration on mental health.

    Valentines day is coming up and for some reason this can be an emotional holiday for a lot of us. Maybe it’s because your single or maybe its because your relationship isn’t going as you had planned. However, what may be true for a lot of people is that Valentines day can make you wonder WHY things are going the way that they are. Its a day that can, for no GOOD reason, bring out the self- esteem issues in many. Whether it be body-image issues, anxiety about yourself, or depression about being lonely. Valentine’s day has a way of getting to a lot of people. So, whether or not you think Valentines day is a silly holiday please take a second to read this blog collaboration on Mental Health This Valentines Day.
    I teamed up with fellow Chicago blogger Jessa who is known for her Dollface Diaries blog (For link to her blog go to the bottom of the page). We decided not to talk about the consumerism of Valentines day but rather the most important yet unspoken part, self-love. Jessa shares her journey with self-love and body image and I know so many of you will relate to this.
Now lets hear what Jessa has to say:
@itsjustjessa on Insagram
1) When did you first realize that you may have some issues with your mental health? 
“I don’t think I realized I had an issue until probably my junior year of college.  I feel like that’s when body image issues and the idea of body dysmorphia became a real topic. I would constantly pick apart my body all through high school and college, and even skip meals if I didn’t like the number I saw on the scale. It’s something I still battle today, and I think I will struggle with for the rest of my life.”
2) When you realized how did you start moving in a positive direction and begin to learn to cope with it? 
“It’s a battle every day for sure. I think the fact that bloggers and content creators are constantly preaching to love yourself no matter your size really helps, but my instinct to compare myself to others and that want for my body to be smaller/thinner/more tone will never go away.  How I cope with it is by working out and eating healthy and doing things I love.  I know if I fuel my body in a way that makes me happy and healthy I will start to accept the way it looks.”
@itsjustjessa Instagram
3) When you are having a hard day what are some of your self-love practices?
“When I’m having a particularly hard day I love to go take a fitness class Yoga, barre and pilates are my favorites, and there are particular instructors that host such amazing classes that make me feel so positive and empowered by the end, I also think it’s a great way to take an hour and focus on something other than your stress. if I can’t find time for a class, then I love to read a good book in a bubble bath.”
4) What made you realize you are worthy of loving yourself? 
“I don’t know if I can pinpoint an exact ah-ha moment, I think over the last few years I’ve really started to realize it with the help of my amazing support system.  I have surrounded myself with so many beautiful and confident people, and they inspire me to love myself. I think blogging has also helped me find confidence, taking pictures on the street and posting pictures of myself daily on the internet can be terrifying.  But I go through those pictures and it really makes you realize what you see in the mirror isn’t always reality.  Beauty comes from confidence and passion, it’s not just what’s on the outside.”
@itsjustjessa Instagram
5) What is advice youd give to other girls (and guys) with body image issues? 
“My advice to others is to be yourself and be proud.  Just because you don’t look like all those influencers online doesn’t mean you aren’t beautiful.  What makes you beautiful is that you are unique and you are you.  I also think using fashion to express yourself is the best way to push your boundaries and be yourself.”
6) What is one thing you wish you could go back and tell to yourself when you were struggling?
“I think my advice to younger me would be to focus on being healthy and find what you’re passionate about.  I let myself spiral, especially in college, it was a vicious cycle of hating my body and not being motivated to workout or be healthy, and just drinking and partying.  When I started really focusing on my health and finding activities I was passionate about like aerial silks and blogging that’s when I really started getting away from all the negativity in my life and replacing it with positive influences.”
     You can follow Jessa on Instagram at @itsjustjessa, the link listed below is her blog (which is fabulous BTW), and you can follow me on instagram at @alisonschulthesz . Let us know what you think.
     To go read my answers to Jessa’s questions click the link below to head over to her blog
     I talk a ton about my anxiety, how I deal with it, and I also hit topics of self-love.

Top Beauty Products: By someone who DEFINITELY is not a beauty influencer

There are people who don’t wear make up and don’t know the first thing about it. There are people who wear a minimum amount of makeup. There are people who love makeup think its pretty but are not an artistic with it. Finally,  there are these goddesses who know how to transform themselves. I am in the loving makeup but not an artist category. However, I do like to wear makeup when I go out and am able to do some do some basic looks. Also with working in an office I do put some makeup on at least five times a week.

That being said if you are just looking for practical, yet quality makeup, that can double up for going to work or going to the club then read on. I want to give you the TOP beauty products that I use for my everyday look.

NYX Angel Veil Primer


At $16.00 this primer is in the medium price range. I use this daily for work and not only does it keep my foundation on, but when mixed with the Morphe setting spray, I don’t have to ever reapply my highlighter and blush throughout the day. However, I wouldn’t say its a great 24 hour primer. I have used it for long nights maybe 8 hours at the most and while my makeup stayed on it isn’t as good compared to higher end primers. NYX is an AMAZING line for quality makeup at a lower price.

Revelon Full Cover Foundation


This is by far one of my favorite foundations that I have used. It has a nice matte finish and when you get the right color for your skin it looks insanely natural. I know its cliche to say that it really provides full coverage of the skin but it does exactly that, provides full coverage. A lot of foundations claim to be full coverage but this is the best one that I have found. I got this at a Jewel-Osco for 13.00 but it varies from store to store.

Rimmel Stay Matte


Here is where my total inexperience comes in. I like putting on this pressed powder after my concealer for a more blended look. I am 50 percent it might be setting powder supposed to be used for the last step in the application process but I put it on after my foundation! It’s essentially a sheer powder so you don’t have to worry about adding a whole different color on top of your makeup.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighter Palette


This product is definitely one of the more expensive products at $40.00. However, she has a mixture of palettes with great colors that are great stand alone or can be mixed together. It last for a long time especially when you use primer and setting spray. The colors are deep and I like how it creates a consistent glow/sparkle. I know a lot of high lighters are kind of patchy and have glitter scattered all over versus a solid condensed glow (if that makes any sense as my complete lack of knowledge shows). It’s by far one of my favorite products it lasts a long time and is worth the money.


Oasis & Paradise Highlight Palette


I found an app called Hush, which gives you cheap makeup options that you may not find normally. It is here where I found this Oasis & Paradise Highlighter palette by Bad Habit for only $12.00. It lasts for an amazingly long time, especially for the price. I would say its comparable to the Anastasia Beverly Hills palate. I prefer to use this one for every day use since it is cheaper, lasts for a longer time, and it helps me to preserve my Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. Normally, I will just use a splash of any deep pink blush  right under my highlighter unless I am using a deep gold color or a pink color. Then the highlighter can stand on its own.

Morphe Eyeshadow Primer


Eye-shadow primer is super important for when you want your shadpw to last through the night. Like any other Morphe products not only is this super affordable but its great in quality as well. It sells for about $10.00.I haven’t tested out for periods longer than 8 hours but I will say that it has lasted well in that time span. I also will add there’s been 2-3 times where I fell asleep with my makeup on and the eyeshadow WAS NOT still on when I woke up.

Morphe Eyeshadow Palette


I LOVE Morphe Eyeshadow Palettes they are only 23 dollars and come with 35 colors in them. Like the Beverly Hills Palettes they are super rich, consistent, and deep in color. You can mix and match colors or you can use just a single color. Morphe has a ton of different palettes for different colors but this is one of my favorites. Their eyeshadow is as good, if not better, than eyeshadow palettes you bay upwards of 40 dollars for.

Real Technique Brushes


Real technique brushes are AMAZING. They aren’t the cheapest but the best part of these is they can almost ALWAYS be found for a good price at Tj Maxx or Marshalls. The brushes are super soft and they do a fantastic job of applying makeup. Seriously if you are looking for some less expensive but HIGH quality makeup brushes then real techniques is going to be what you want to use. Price varies depending on the brush and where you get it.

Nyx Epic Ink Liner


I am not talented when it comes to putting eyeliner on in different ways. I like a thin line on the eyelid with a bit of a wing. I can’t make dramatic wings and my biggest thing when putting on eyeliner is not making the line too thick. I love their eyeliners, especially NYX Epic Ink, because they have a super thin tip. This makes it easy to make smaller lines and wings for those who aren’t artistic when it comes to applying eyeliner. This usually runs for about $9.00.

Better Than Sex Mascara by Too Faced


This mascara is not cheap, a tube of it is about $24.00 but it lasts for about 2-3 months. However, if you are craving INTENSE volume AND length then this is the mascara for you. It is absolutely amazing I get questioned daily about whether or not my eyelashes are fake because this product seriously enhances your eyelashes so much. It also stays on all day so you don’t have to worry about reapplying all the time.

Tarte Lip Paint


I have searched long and hard for a long lasting lipstick. There is nothing I hate more than having to reapply lipstick frequently. I was so happy when I can across Tarte Lip Paint because they have absolutely gorgeous colors. Not only do these lip paitnts come in a variety of colors but they last a very long time and create a gorgeous matte look. If you want a long lasting Matte look then this is the lipstick you want. One container is about $20.00 dollars and it lasts for months.

Morphe Continous Setting Mist


I have experimented so much with setting sprays because I cry everytime I have to pay $30.00 for Urban Decay setting spray that only lasts for a little over a month. Yeah, its a good product but I just don’t like it enough to spend that much on that, that frequently. When looking for a new setting spray at Ulta the lady recommended this to me and I have not gone back. This isn’t a spray its a mist. The mist ensures that it gets over your entire face and not just the section that you are spraying. It keeps your makeup PERFECT all day. It is better and beyond Urban Decay setting spray and it is only 16.00 at Ulta.


I won’t even pretend to be talented or know the first thing about makeup but I do like to get dolled up and feel good about myself. These are the products I use to do anything from a simple natural look to a night out on the town look. I tend to buy products that aren’t insanley expensive and last longer. So if you are a little lost like me than I highly recommend the products I have suggested.


Tips for apartment living when on a budget

Three weeks into living with my boyfriend I quit my job. Now, I was able to do so because I have saved very responsibly but let me tell you it is still scary not having that paycheck when living expenses pile up. I was fortunate to get another job instantly. However, even before getting this new job (and a real nice bump in pay) I wasn’t making as much as I wanted. My boyfriend and I are both determined to save money as much as possible and therefore I wanted to share the tips that we came up with for apartment living on a budget.

Budget Apps:

Right off the bat lets talk about things that can help you if you are not good at financial planning. There are plenty of apps out there that you can link your bank account to, you can input your monthly income and expenses, that track your spending, etc that can help you. If you are not good at making a budget yourself then rely on an app to help you. Perhaps the top two apps my boyfriend and I use are:

  1. Mint: You can link your bank account to this app and it will categorize and monitor your spending
  2. Daily Savings: This you plug-in your reoccurring expenses, your salary, and it will basically tell you what your daily spendings can be and let you log it

This really helps you keep up with what you are spending each day and hopefully cut back on unnecessary expenses.

The big bad “monthly rent” 

Clearly the BIGGEST expense when living in an apartment is RENT especially if you are not splitting the costs with someone else. However, rent does not have to be so scary if you do it right. The biggest thing I do and make my boyfriend do is put a portion of the rent away with each paycheck. Rent can certainly wipe you clean if you don’t save any of your previous paycheck and use a whole paycheck to pay it. Putting some of it aside allows it to not be such a financial burden. This can also go for utilities as well!

Need random things for around the house?

To some extent you should utilize stores like “Family Dollar”, “Dollar General”, or “Five and below”. You can get some very basic essentials from these stores such as: pens, decorations, candy, books, DVDs, cards, toys, even makeup! The reason I said use it to an extent is that in life you do need to realize that cheaper is not always better and a lot of times you get what you pay for! However, things like decorations are nice to get from the dollar store and where me and Elliot got a few of our Christmas decorations! Also, these stores do manage to sell some brand name stuff for a lower price and you can get well known names from them for a low price and save a major amount of money.

For times you want to be a little classier then the dollar tree: 

Lets face it none of us really want to get EVERYTHING from the dollar tree but we still want to shop somewhere reasonable. Stores like Tj Maxx, Marshalls, and Bed Bath & Beyond are amazing for the essentials in your apartment. My boyfriend and I got all of our glassware, kitchen knifes, silver wear, towels, utensils, etc. from these stores and we didn’t pay more than a few hundred dollars for a LOT of items when it was all said and done. They have such cute stuff at affordable prices (which I am pretty sure is their motto) it makes filling your apartment with the things you need affordable!

Utilize stores like Sams Club and Costco: 

If you have a membership or know someone who has a membership at these stores you can really save money here. My suggestion is to by the things you use regularly (I.e. paper towels, napkins, tissue, toilet paper, dish washer detergent, laundry detergent, etc) in bulk at these stores. When you buy these things in bulk you save yourself the re-occurring expenses of having to buy them weekly or more than weekly. It is super helpful and most bulk products last for months. You can also buy food in bulk here as well. If you have something that you eat quite often it may be much better to by it in bulk versus buying it multiple times a week.

Speaking of large quantities of food:

Here is my BIGGEST tip for when buying food in mass! This part has a few aspects to it. First things first, it is INSANELY cheap to buy frozen vegetables and they last longer. I strongly suggest that if you eat large amounts of vegetables to buy them frozen you can cook or microwave them when you are ready to eat them. THE BIGGEST THING that has helped us save money in our household is buying meats in mass and FREEZING them. Elliot and I buy the large packs of meats and what we don’t cook we put in the freezer. This saves us a ton of money from buying small amounts of food more often, which again it

You truly don’t need cable: 

While internet is pretty necessary in your apartment you can totally make do without cable, which adds a good 50-70 dollars to your monthly bill bringing it to over a hundred a month. If you get the most expensive subscriptions to Netflix ($13.99) and Hulu (without live TV, which is $11.99) you will only be spending $25.98 a month. In addition to that you can also get Hulu with live TV for $39.99 a month, which is $53.98. Even if you just chose the Hulu option you are still paying way under then you would be for cable.

So there you have it: 

Those are my tips to save money while apartment living! There are plenty of useful tools out there to help you save money! A great resource with tons more articles is :

I will be sure to post more on saving to come! If you want more of my content be sure to follow me on Instagram @alisonschulthesz




My take on CBD oil.

CBD is the new “hot topic” right now. Although, it appears to be more than just a fad. Many are claiming for it to be a NATURAL alternative to aid with pain, anxiety, and so much more.

I won’t pretend to know much about its medical properties and why it is so helpful so here is a website that helped educate me: 

Being someone with such bad anxiety I decided to try this new thing out. Here are the brands I have tried and my review on them.

Pure Relief: 

Pure relief is super awesome. They are mental health advocates so I am way behind that. If you check their account out they actually have multiple series on people who share their mental health story and how CBD helped them. It really drew me to the brand as I do focus a lot on mental health.

250 Pure Hemp Oil

Taste: Not going to lie to you here. It tastes like a liquid joint. You can definitely taste the hemp in it. Luckily, they just came out with a mint flavored product and this should help hide some of the taste!

Calming effect: DEFINITELY, noticed some calmness initially. HOWEVER, I have severe anxiety and I believe a higher tolerance to the dosage of these. Therefore the calmness did not last very long. I have discovered through trying these two products that I have a higher tolerance and therefore need more MG.

My suggestion to you is to play around with dosages and asess your tolerance to CBD oil. Pure relief has free samples to try out CBD all you have to do is pay for shipping!

500 Mg Pain Salve:

Taste: Kind of non applicable. Unless you eat topical cream YOU DO YOU.

Pain reduction: Okay, so I don’t have chronic pain. However, when I was in England I sprang my ankle. Now if I stand on it weird I re-aggravate it and get shooting pain through my whole foot. Well the day I received this I happened to do that and I put it on and it really helped!

I won’t speak to its effects on chronic pain. The reason for that is I do not suffer from chronic pain so for me to say that it helps would be unethical. However, again pure relief offers free samples of this salve and you can try it for free and see if it helps reduce your pain! Again, it helped me when I was in temporary state of pain.

1000 MG Pure Spectrum Hemp Oil

Taste: Suprisingly with the higher dosages I couldn’t taste the distinct taste of hemp as much but it is definitely still detectable.

Calming effect: I definitely noticed that I was much calmer with this than with lower dosages but it STILL wasn’t that extreme fix that everyone was talking about. I was able to relax on it for a longer period of time than lower dosages.


Cured Nutrition has become the popular CBD for a lot of Instagram influencers. I believe that their marketing is more geared towards the fitness niche. Most of the people who hold a discount code for the product are fitness influencers. To be honest I wasn’t 100 percent sold on this brand even after RAVING about it. For starters, I had a pretty bad customer service experience. It wasn’t the person that was rude or anything like that but they didn’t follow some pretty standard procedures and long story short they held my money and I had zero confirmation of product for more than 5 days. In the end I never got the product and had to reorder and get a refund. Then I had a really hard time feeling what everyone felt with these products. However, I won’t blame that on their products again I believe I have a higher dosage


Taste: 10/10 AMAZING

Calming Effects: Minor-Medium. The dosages of these are only 100 mg so again they just don’t have an effect on my body. I will say there were some times I felt calmer after using them.

Cookie Dough: 

Taste: 6/10. It does taste like cookie dough but you can definitely taste the hemp in it. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing but it definitely is a distinct taste. I knocked it down for that specific reason.

Calming effect: Minor. Again my body doesn’t do well with low dosages

500 Mint Hemp Extract

Taste: It tastes like absolutely nothing. I don’t taste the mint but I think the mint is just canceling out the CBD taste causing it to taste like nothing.

Calming effect: If I take ONE dropper, I feel absolutely NOTHING. The only time I felt something was the first time I took it. Then after that I had to start taking more than the recommended dosages to be able to get a fraction of that desired effect.


It makes me SO sad to say this but while CBD definitely does help me it doesn’t have that huge effect on me that it does for everyone else.  This saddens me because I truly would love some more relief for my anxiety especially in natural form. I think what I will have to do is continue to play around with dosages or get a higher dosage.


Frustrations with pop culture events and society’s assumption of mental health.

Okay, so this blog comes from a place of disgust, pain, and hurting. Lately a few tragic events  have occurred. Here they are listed

1) Demi Lovato overdosing and, thank God, going to rehab

2) Mac Miller overdosing and dying, which is an absolute tragedy.

3) Everyone blaming Ariana Grande for Mac Miller’s death

The negativity that has stemmed from these two/three  situations has genuinely upset me to the point of tears. So I’m going to go into how these situations are speaking to our society and I’m going to try my BEST to put a positive spin to it but this is a blog that just needs to be put out there if not for anyone else, for me.

I started typing this blog when these incidents were a little more relevant, however I went to England and since it is such a deep topic I had to lay off on typing it while spending time with my granddad but now I am ready to attack this topic.

People are a little torn between finding the connection in mental health issues and addiction and just outright saying addiction is a choice. I won’t go into detail but I will say that as someone who struggles with mental health and has a loved one who is recovered from a horrible addiction MENTAL HEALTH AND ADDICTION ARE CONNECTED. If that offends you, SORRY again we are NOT meant to connect. So lets launch into why I am so passionate about this topic.

Demi Lovato: 


This one is hard for me. Around a week after she overdosed memes started surfacing making fun of her. I can’t tell you how sad this made me ALONE but then I started reading comments justifying it. Comments like “Since she’s a celebrity and didn’t utilize her resources it’s all her fault”, “Listen to sorry not sorry clearly she didn’t care about her problems”, “Its her fault addiction is a choice”.

So I want to address some of these things. First off, ADDICTION isn’t ALWAYS just addiction. A good percentage of the time there are HUGE underlying mental health issues behind addicts. For example, someone who is depressed may drink their problems away.  The thing about MENTAL HEALTH and ADDICTION is it is not just as simple as identifying a problem and saying “Oh, I have a problem let me seek out help for it”. No, I WISH it was as easy as that. We would be living in a much happier and better society if those who had problems were quick to admit it and seek out help for it.

Lets look at this from an eating disorder standpoint. A LOT of people who have bulimia and or who are just binge eaters without the purging have an underlying addiction, food. Just from experiencing an eating disorder, advocating for those who still have one, and talking with those who have one 9/10 said person will NOT seek out a therapist. They are terrified the therapist will tell them they need to go to treatment, or they will make them eat more/less food, change their ways of lives, etc. Another good chunk of them when go to a therapist because they just believe that they are “fat” and that they don’t have a problem. They have it in their mind that these are normal weight loss habits. My point in this analogy is when you have a sickness or an addiction you are more than likely in denial of that addiction till something happens to you where you admit to yourself you need help.

So, for all of you who are saying that she had all the resources in the world so you don’t feel bad for her, resources or not she needed this rock bottom to seek out help. She is a human being who has her demons like I know every single one of us do. She is going through a hard time, she is seeking help now, and the fact some of you want to make memes out of it just for a laugh is a large part of why people with these issues don’t COME OUT and talk to others about it or even seek help. They are afraid of being JUDGED.

We need to extend our sympathy to those going through this and encourage them to get the proper help they need.

Mac Miller & Ariana Grande: 


What REALLY angers me about this is that the same world that has no sympathy for Demi Lovato was so angered by Mac Miller’s death that they took that anger out on Ariana Grande. They put Mac Miller on a pedestal of remembrance, which I understand because he was an amazing soul. However,  they then think that she should have stayed with him at his lowest to “fix him”. That is where my issue lies. Yes, Mac Miller died but other than that what is the difference between that and Demi Lovato? They were both suffering

What I am about to say goes for both addiction AND mental health issues. It is NOT anyone else’s job to fix YOU but YOURSELF. While I have sympathy for those with these issues you cannot rely on others to make you better. You and ONLY you can do that. There is nobody who can make you stick with the therapy, there is nobody who can be there EVERY moment you feel like relapsing, there is nobody who can physically stop you from taking the drugs, there is nobody who can read your mind when you are secretly planning to act on your addiction (again look at it from the eating disorder standpoint a person with bulimia doesn’t say they are going to the bathroom to purge). While there actually may be a person in your life that is WILLING to do all those things it will not do anything if you aren’t willing to do those things for yourself.

No girl or man needs to stay in a relationship that is not SERVING them or that is DRAINING them. A purpose of a relationship is to be in love with each other in a mutually beneficial way. Will it be uneven at times? Yes. Will there be hard times? Yes. Will one have to carry the other sometimes? Yes. However, THIS SHOULDN’T BE FOR THE MAJORITY OF THE RELATIONSHIP. You can try to fix someone with these issues till you’re blue in the face or till you even develop your own problems, but as I mentioned before if they aren’t ready to do change it is not going to do s***! Ariana’s decision to leave Mac Miller because his addiction was draining her IS NOT why he died. He died because he was suffering from a DISEASE. You cannot put that blame on anyone else. It is extremely wrong of society to say someone has to stay with someone when they are in the lowest of the lows. I am all for being with someone who supports you through your issues, I have that right now with my boyfriend, but I don’t take him down with me. It is not fair to tell someone who is being dragged down to unhealthily stay and not seek a better life for themselves. You wouldn’t tell anyone in an abusive relationship to stay to help the abuser through their problems and this is absolutely NO different.

Mental health and addiction:

I wanna address ONE more thing. It speaks to the more sympathetic and humane people supporting these celebrities. So many people have sympathy for someone who is famous when they are going through these issues but they NEVER support anyone who isn’t famous. They may run the other way, they may avoid the conversation, they may judge them, see them as worthless, and this double standard HAS TO STOP.

Just because someone is in the public light doesn’t mean that they are more worthy of love and support than any other person who is struggling. I am not saying that you shouldn’t support celebrities with problems obviously that is the whole point of this blog. What I am saying is if you can find a place for sympathy for them you most certainly can find a place of sympathy for everyone.

I strongly stand behind people who say “I don’t know anyone who chooses addiciton”. Yes, some responsibility may lie on them for trying the substance out in the first place but what happens after that is beyond their control. Again, I have seen a loved one go through the rock bottom of addiction. It is dark, it is nasty, it is full of desperation, it is full of lying to those you love, it is full of feeling like there is no point in living, and it is NOT SOMETHING ANYONE CHOOSES.

Support those going through addiction and mental health issues BUT if it is dragging you down and taking you into a dark place know it is okay to walk away. You can root for someone, love them, and support them from a distance. All in all you have to protect yourself first. There is nothing wrong with that.

So that is my take on this whole situation it may be short but if I go much deeper into my thoughts you may be reading a more negative and rant filled blog. I just want us to understand the places that people are coming from with their diseases. Being more sympathetic as a society can truly help others who are struggling. I am so tired of seeing the underbelly of society lately I want to see more strangers rooting for others and I just want to see more love going around.

I hope that you read this and support what I believe in and spread love.


Fré Skin Care Review


Okay guys, so over the past 2 weeks I’ve started a new skin care routine. Fré reached out to me asking me to try their skincare products. In return for their skin set they asked for my 100 percent HONEST review. I made a promise to myself when I started on this journey that I would only work with companies whose mission I approved of and that I believed the community I have built would enjoy. So with that being said I will tell you some of the KEY FACTORS in choosing to try out this skin care line.

Factor 1: Fré is a VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE skin care line. What does this mean? It means that the products are not only all vegan but they do not test their products on animals. While I am not vegan I am all for clean products and I am a HUGE animal lover.

Factor 2: Fré actually plants an argan tree for every single set that is sold. They do this because the Argan forest is being threatened and by replanting they are helping to support women who are harvest Argan Oil down in Morocco. LIKE WOW. I’m all for empowering other women. Those two alone were enough to say yes.


Factor 3: It is specifically designed to protect your skin from sweat damage and while I am no longer super active in the fitness community I am still silently doing my thang and I could use some skin care. Plus, I know my friends in the fitness community could too.

What do I mean specifically designed to protect your skin from sweat? The formula of these three products is designed to build up your skins strength and resistance to sweat. Sweat has an effect on our signs of aging and can lead to skin damage so if you are working out often you are more prone to these skin damages. Obviously, sweat alone isn’t the sole cause but when paired with environmental factors it really can cause harm to your skin.

SO with that being said lets launch into this review of this 3 step process!


Step 1: Protect Me

Protect me is probably, MY FAVORITE product. This is a product you use before you go to the gym! It is a moisturizer so you rub it into your face until its dry with no need to wash it off. It smells ABSOLUTELY amazing and I mean it when I say a little goes a long way. The benefits of this product include:

  •  It protects your skin from damaging UVA, UVB, & IRA rays.
  • It hydrates your skin
  • Helps to build up the skins natural barrier
  • Promotes a natural glow

Let me tell you, THAT LAST ONE IS NO JOKE. There is an INSTANT glow when using this product. I am super self-conscious of how my skin looks at times and therefore I wear some face makeup to the gym. Since using this product I only put mascara on when going to the gym since it leaves such a glow on my face. On top of that it leaves my skin feeling super soft!

**Opthalmologist tested


Step 2: Purify Me

So, purify me is the second step in this three step process. It is a hydrating facial cleanser that you use after the gym (and even on days you don’t go to the gym). You wanna make sure your skin is a little damp when you put it on because because you do not rub it into your skin and leave it there. You apply it around your skin gently for about a minute and then you rinse it off. So the benefits of this product are:

  • It helps get the PH balance of your skin back to what it SHOULD BE
  • It removes the toxins out of your pores as well as unclogging them
  • It soothes the redness your skin may have
  • It also works to hydrate the skin

You know that feeling you get when you take your make up off and you are like oh my god my skin can finally breathe? Well using this is like that EVERYTIME even on a bare face. It is amazing!

**Dermatologically tested


Step 3: Revive Me

Finally, we have the REVIVE me, which is a deep replenishing serum. Okay, so the revive me you put on directly after the purify me and like the protect me you just rub it into your face and go. The benefits of this product include:

  • REGENERATES COLLEGEN (thats HUGE) and helps with your skine elasticity (stretching your skin can cause wrinkles)
  • Helps to reduce said wrinkles
  • Helps to fight against aging
  • Helps to make your skin more firm
  • Helps to restore your skin of the vitamins and minerals it has lost

With this product the biggest thing I have noticed is skin firmness after using it! I think that paired with the other two it is a great product.

** Dermatologically tested


My honest review: 


(Please excuse this huge light shining at my face but IN LOVE also I TOTALLY meant concealer)

To be pretty honest before Fré I truly didn’t have a skin regimen I stuck to but I am happy to see that since implementing it I have seen over all changes in my skin. For starters, my biggest problem area is my forehead. I don’t get super bad acne on it but I do get noticble tiny little bumps all over. Since using this those bumps have pretty much disappeared, which has also reduced the amount of makeup I wear to the gym or just going out in public in general. In all honesty, if I am going to be going to the gym or running around doing errands the protect me has pretty much replaced my face makeup. It is such a pain to put face makeup on for just doing little activities. So not only am I protecting my skin while I am being active but that natural glow really has me feeling confident in myself. I have also noticed that even when I haven’t used the protect me or the revive me (which is also meant to promote a glow) the glow of my skin has naturally been boosted from using the products! Overall, I truly love the changes I have seen in my skin from making this my skin care routine.

So with this company you have products that ACTUALLY WORK and a great mission to stand behind you can’t go wrong! So here is their website:

I am also to happy to announce that if you are reading this on September 12th, 2018 at 3 PM CENTRAL TIME (USA)  all the way to September 14th 3 PM CENTRAL TIME (USA) you can use code ALISONS25 and get 25 percent off on this set! I am really excited about it and hope you guys trust my review and decide to try it! 

If you are reading past this time please stay tuned

So there you have it! My first product review! I hope you will tune in for more!

Now, on a more serious note. I have another blog coming soon and it is my opinion on a VERY important topic to me. It is related to mental health and how it is being portrayed lately. This is something I’ve noticed and become insanely effected by so if you guys would check that out in the next few coming days that would be so appreciated 🙂

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