My take on CBD oil.

CBD is the new “hot topic” right now. Although, it appears to be more than just a fad. Many are claiming for it to be a NATURAL alternative to aid with pain, anxiety, and so much more.

I won’t pretend to know much about its medical properties and why it is so helpful so here is a website that helped educate me: 

Being someone with such bad anxiety I decided to try this new thing out. Here are the brands I have tried and my review on them.

Pure Relief: 

Pure relief is super awesome. They are mental health advocates so I am way behind that. If you check their account out they actually have multiple series on people who share their mental health story and how CBD helped them. It really drew me to the brand as I do focus a lot on mental health.

250 Pure Hemp Oil

Taste: Not going to lie to you here. It tastes like a liquid joint. You can definitely taste the hemp in it. Luckily, they just came out with a mint flavored product and this should help hide some of the taste!

Calming effect: DEFINITELY, noticed some calmness initially. HOWEVER, I have severe anxiety and I believe a higher tolerance to the dosage of these. Therefore the calmness did not last very long. I have discovered through trying these two products that I have a higher tolerance and therefore need more MG.

My suggestion to you is to play around with dosages and asess your tolerance to CBD oil. Pure relief has free samples to try out CBD all you have to do is pay for shipping!

500 Mg Pain Salve:

Taste: Kind of non applicable. Unless you eat topical cream YOU DO YOU.

Pain reduction: Okay, so I don’t have chronic pain. However, when I was in England I sprang my ankle. Now if I stand on it weird I re-aggravate it and get shooting pain through my whole foot. Well the day I received this I happened to do that and I put it on and it really helped!

I won’t speak to its effects on chronic pain. The reason for that is I do not suffer from chronic pain so for me to say that it helps would be unethical. However, again pure relief offers free samples of this salve and you can try it for free and see if it helps reduce your pain! Again, it helped me when I was in temporary state of pain.

1000 MG Pure Spectrum Hemp Oil

Taste: Suprisingly with the higher dosages I couldn’t taste the distinct taste of hemp as much but it is definitely still detectable.

Calming effect: I definitely noticed that I was much calmer with this than with lower dosages but it STILL wasn’t that extreme fix that everyone was talking about. I was able to relax on it for a longer period of time than lower dosages.


Cured Nutrition has become the popular CBD for a lot of Instagram influencers. I believe that their marketing is more geared towards the fitness niche. Most of the people who hold a discount code for the product are fitness influencers. To be honest I wasn’t 100 percent sold on this brand even after RAVING about it. For starters, I had a pretty bad customer service experience. It wasn’t the person that was rude or anything like that but they didn’t follow some pretty standard procedures and long story short they held my money and I had zero confirmation of product for more than 5 days. In the end I never got the product and had to reorder and get a refund. Then I had a really hard time feeling what everyone felt with these products. However, I won’t blame that on their products again I believe I have a higher dosage


Taste: 10/10 AMAZING

Calming Effects: Minor-Medium. The dosages of these are only 100 mg so again they just don’t have an effect on my body. I will say there were some times I felt calmer after using them.

Cookie Dough: 

Taste: 6/10. It does taste like cookie dough but you can definitely taste the hemp in it. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing but it definitely is a distinct taste. I knocked it down for that specific reason.

Calming effect: Minor. Again my body doesn’t do well with low dosages

500 Mint Hemp Extract

Taste: It tastes like absolutely nothing. I don’t taste the mint but I think the mint is just canceling out the CBD taste causing it to taste like nothing.

Calming effect: If I take ONE dropper, I feel absolutely NOTHING. The only time I felt something was the first time I took it. Then after that I had to start taking more than the recommended dosages to be able to get a fraction of that desired effect.


It makes me SO sad to say this but while CBD definitely does help me it doesn’t have that huge effect on me that it does for everyone else.  This saddens me because I truly would love some more relief for my anxiety especially in natural form. I think what I will have to do is continue to play around with dosages or get a higher dosage.



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