My TJ Maxx $100 dollar haul and my six tips to saving money at TJ MAXX

Okay guys, so here is really my first “lifestyle” post on the blog. I intend to talk about mental health, my opinions on things, and deeper topics but I also want to make more posts like the following so hopefully you can enjoy this!

If you are NOT a YouTube watcher then I wanted to put this here for you on blog form. If you ARE but you missed my YouTube video on this topic then here it is.

So if you want to see my full haul watch the first half of this video! If you just want the tips then read on.

Whenever  I go to TJ Maxx and come out successful people always say 1 or 2 things. Either “I can never find anything there” or “I end up not saving because I buy everything”. While I can definitely relate it really isn’t too hard. The following are my tips for staying under $100 dollars, or just on a budget in general, at TJ Maxx.

Tip 1: The oh so cliche “have time”:

As corny and simple as it may sound its true. You can’t walk in and out of TJ Maxx like you would a grocery store or even as quick as you would a normal store. A normal store has mass amounts of clothes neatly on display versus just jumbled on racks. In TJ Maxx you quite literally have to sort through all the crap, find what isn’t crap, repeat on the next rack, and then the next section. Doing this along with my 5 other steps take up your time. If I am looking for 1-2 items in TJ Maxx I am there for a minimum of 30 minutes at the LEAST. So make sure you are doing it on a day off work or a day you at least don’t have a million different things to do. For me the time spent looking balances out with saving the money, but I also look for bargains on EVERYTHING.

Tip 2: Try to keep your items under $14.00:

Listen, if you aren’t on a budget or if you really want something then get it. However, if you are on a budget avoid the higher priced items at TJ Maxx. If you spend the time searching through the racks you can find SO MANY cute items from 7-12 dollars and choosing these items allows you to get more for your budget. Lets look at simple math here you can get anywhere from 8-14 items for 100 dollars if you are choosing all 12 dollar or 7 dollar items. For me, that is more exciting and a better deal because I KNOW there are things I can find that I like in that price range. If you are thinking that you cannot find something you like within that price range then you truly need to pay attention to the next tip.

Tip 3: Look for items that look the same: 

This next tip is probably why you should have time. When you go to TJ Maxx you may find a item that you like that is upwards of 16-20 dollars. What I want you to do is look for something that looks JUST LIKE IT. 90 percent of the time prices rise at Tj Maxx because it is a designer piece. If you are looking at a brand like Calvin Klein, Jessica Simpson, etc then it automatically knocks up the price. If you search enough you can honestly find a piece that looks just like it for cheaper. I mean how many times have you gone into TJ Maxx and been faced with endless options of black jeans, denim tops, colored workout pants, striped shirts, floral prints, etc? It happens pretty often, right? So find what styles you think are cute then search around and price compare them. Find which one you like best with in the 7-12 dollar budget (and if you find something you like for lower always go for it).  Yes it is a time consuming process but it is a money saving process. There is no need to be paying inflated prices for a label.

Tip 4: Know where to look: 

While Tj Maxx mainly consists of racks and not a whole ton of displays they WILL display their best and most pricey items. Where can you usually find these items? In the front, where everyone walks in, of course. Is that the only place? No, TJ Maxx (Homegoods, Marshalls, etc) are usually giant squares of a store with quadrants of product. So coating the sides of the “quadrants” are going to be racks and displays of their more expensive items. This is just to give it a nicer, more high-fashion, and respectable look. Walk right past those and into the abyss of where everything is jumbled together because I GUARANTEE you the deeper in you get the cheaper that it gets. TJ Maxx clearance sections are almost always at the back of the store and not near the front so cheaper items tend to be located near the back of the store. So,if you can, avoid the front and sides of the sections you are looking at and get deep into the middle to find the best deal.

Tip 5 Avoid “Contemporary” or “Career” 

These fancy names mean fancy prices. Most of these sections are filled with the DESIGNER clothes at Tj Maxx, which we have already established are naturally a crap-ton more. Of course, their career and contemporary section for actual career clothes is cheaper than going to a more expensive retail store but its not logical if you are just looking for normal clothes. A lot of the career Tj Maxx clothes you would never catch me wearing outside the office (not because its not cute but because my office style and my personal style are just different) so it makes ZERO sense for me to even look there. However, once again you definitely can find those styles repeated elsewhere in the store. If you are buying a more heavier piece like a jacket, a nice dress, or a suit you more than likely are going to spend more. I mean you aren’t going to get a nice dress jacket for 7 dollars unless its on clearance. So there are some limitations to what I am saying and instances where you may have to visit these sections. However, for the most part you should be able to avoid having to visit that section and can stay well on your budget.

Tip 6: Check the FINAL clearance section: 

Do you like products at a discount? Obviously, if you are shopping at Tj Maxx. It is pretty cool when Tj Maxx discounts their items even more and puts it on clearance, right? I mean its discounted discount stuff. Want to know whats the absolute best? When them put items on FINAL clearance. That means you are looking at items that have been discounted 3x. In this video I show a few items I got in the final clearance section at anywhere from 3 to 8 dollars. Usually final clearance is right at the back of the store and it is not limited to clothes. I have seen Steve Madden shoes on final clearance for $8.00. It is absolutely insane. The only drawback on this is if you are very into seasonal fashion you may be a little limited in what you find but I do believe that you can still find some good options there regardless! Final clearance is definitely the BEST way to stay on budget and find insane deals while shopping at TJ Maxx.

There you have it: 

It is quite simple to apply these easy tips and save the max (no pun intended) amount of money at Tj Maxx. I hope when you walk into Tj Maxx that you save some major dough thanks to these tips. If you want to tag my in your Tj Maxx hauls my Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube is down below. I will probably be doing some product reviews in the coming week so please stay tuned!


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